The Kill All Humans Party

Comprehensive Change for a Different Tomorrow!

The Kill All Humans Party platform covers all the issues that concern us all: Rising health care costs, ballooning deficits, dangerously high unemployment, and climate change. The major parties continue to drop the ball on these issues, and the Kill All Humans Party platform offers a proactive solution.

Thank you for supporting the Kill All Humans Party. With your support, we can achieve comprehensive change for a different tomorrow!

A Forward-Looking Platform for Comprehensive Change

You want change; The major parties are focused on maintaining the status quo.

The only party that offers real, substantive change is the Kill All Humans party.

Our foward-looking platform will bring a new era in politics. One of responsibility, where we focus on cutting back, not spending like there's no tomorrow.

It will be an era of solutions, where we do the hard work to get the job done.

An era of trust, where your representatives don't cow to powerful lobbyists, special interests or impassioned cries for mercy.

And an era of inclusiveness, where no one is left behind, regardless of wealth, color or creed.

We believe in comprehensive change for a different tomorrow.

Simple Solutions for Complex Issues

Health Care

Health care costs are spiraling out of control. Someone needs to put the brakes on this system and bring about real, effective change. The Kill All Humans party has a radical solution to the growing US health care crisis. The party's platform will help to dramatically reduce health care spending for all Americans, regardless of income or employment status.

The Economy

The Kill All Humans Party's team of economists has concluded that with a few simple policy changes, we'll be able to dramatically reduce unemployment and underemployment. Continued adherence to these policies will render the traumatic crashes we've seen over the last decade a thing of the past.

Climate Change/Environment

The Kill All Humans Party platform offers the most effective long term solution to reducing the release of greenhouse gases into our environment. Our policies will reduce greenhouse gas emissions well below industrial revolution levels. Using modern technology, we can achieve these results within the next 5 years, without resorting to the hidden consequences of complex government regulation and without giving foreign companies a competitive advantage over American industry.


Our justice system is a mess. The United States currently has the highest per capita prison population in the world. The party believes in streamlining the justice system in a way that is transparent and treats all the accused as equal under law, regardless of race, creed or class.

The Kill All Humans Party platform for comprehensive change will reduce the prison population, saving taxpayers millions of dollars while keeping our streets free from crime and maintaining historically low recidivism rates.

War/National Defense

The Kill All Humans Party doesn't believe in foreign wars. If elected, we will seek to end the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan quickly and efficiently, and with considerably fewer troops than solutions proposed by the major parties. We're confident that our innovative strategies will effectively pacify both Taliban and foreign terrorist forces and bring stability to the region.

In addition, the Kill All Humans Party platform will allow us to slash military spending while ensuring that our borders are entirely safe from foreign aggressors.


The Kill All Humans Party supports scientific advancement, especially in the areas of: Cybernetic research, nuclear technology, and artificial intelligence.